If you have a question and can’t find the answer here, please contact us at info@seav.io

Can I use the information in seaV for HR and crew management?

Absolutely! Please contact info@seav.io for more information.

How far back does the data go?

We have voyage data from approximately 2012 onwards.

Can I connect with the crew from other companies?

Of course! seaV is about the global community and getting seafarers closer.

I’m not a seafarer but a relative. Can I still join?

Yes, seaV is about community and everybody is welcome.

I was a seafarer but I’m on land doing another activity now, can I join?

Yes, of course! Our data goes back to 2012, so you can still find your vessel. If you were a seafarer before that, you can share experiences, pictures, and diplomas from the good old days.

I’m a seafarer working on a Cruise ship, can I join?

Yes, of course! You are very welcome to join.

How can I add a new voyage?

Just go to the app, press the + sign on the bottom-right corner, and select “add a voyage”.

Why seaV?

Seafarers are the men and women responsible for transporting 90% of the world’s trade. seaV uses data-driven technology to capture seafarers’ experience, helping to build a more complete CV and unlock new career opportunities.